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Choose your preferred service and area below and we will contact you shortly.


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We aim to give you a 5 star experience all the time *****

I really loved the service. Thank you so much.

Eleen Aldeleemy Queen

The people who fixed my phone line were awesome and very helpful and especially coming on a weekend I will be recommending them to my other family and friends.The two that came over to fix my problem was so polite and new what they were doing thank you, you have done a amazing job.

Chris Guajardo

I had a very good experience with one of their technicians. My Internet provider had done a very poor job and I was desperate for Internet. He went above and beyond, doing all he could possibly do. Definitely would recommend him, and would use their service again next time.

Monica Suh
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Areas of Service

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Always Ready to Go!

Central Coast



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A Complete Service


We diagnose and repair thoroughly
so no need to worry.


Fair Prices

Our prices are competitive
with the market.


Ready to Go

Tech can see you within 24 hrs,
pending availabilities.
Tech hours are 7am-5pm, Mon-Sat.

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